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    'You were mine.’

    what gives you the right?

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  2. haku & chihiro 

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  3. "You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering."

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    Princesses Singing in Their (probably) Mother Tongue (click gifs for translation and Language)

    Sorry in advance if there’s a typo in the subtitles or translation, send me an ask if you found one :)

    I’m gonna justify why Pocahontas and Tiana aren’t here, for those who don’t know. Tiana lives in New Orleans in the 1920’s, and many if not all people spoke English down there. And Pocahontas’ song Colors of the Wind, is sung in English, as she learnt the language before the song sequence, however Just Around the Riverbend, may be sung in Pocahontas’ Native language. 

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    He changed but the look that he gave to children, it stayed the same.

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    I don’t want to be just another piece in their games. If I’m gonna die, I still wanna be me.

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  9. "I never wanted any of you to die for me." - Harry Potter

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    Harry potter en We Heart It.

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    First drawing of 2014  I really love the idea that Elsa and Jack know each other ^^ 

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    Elsa + left-handed

    Some studies have found that left-handed people tend to be more vulnerable to negative emotions such as depression and anger. They are more prone to fear. Their brain hemispheres have more symmetry than right-handed people, which explains why their skills are most randomized and less specified to either side of the brain.

    So, how is this relevant to Elsa, you may ask? These facts more or less support the intense fear that Elsa experienced when Anna was hurt and when the prophecy was revealed to her—which led her to a life of isolation and loneliness. Elsa’s love and instinctive nature to protect Anna had made this even more difficult for her and this, in turn, had worsened her fear. Note that fear isn’t good for Elsa for this will only make her power uncontrollable and dangerous. It was also observed that Elsa’s susceptibility to experience fear had made her quick to anger when she was threatened.

    This, and the other little details that were put into the film, have made me love the movie a whole lot more.

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  15. What are you so afraid of?

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